Empowering MSMEs and Startups Unleashing Innovation and Tech Based Solutions for Viksit Bharat

GlobalSpin Innovation Summit

GLOBALSPIN is responsible for leading the international engagements and export developments and promotions for MSMEs & Start-ups. Part of role is to develop the international network of trade, alliance and promote cross-countries Innovation and Emerging Technologies. We believe that trade is about people, relationships and respect, and that GLOBALSPIN is the gateway to global economies and communities and was founded with the mission to create more jobs and make the world a better place. The name of the initiative GLOBALSPIN drives its name from GLOBAL methodologies that aim to deliver the necessary SPIN for any Innovation/ Emerging Technologies to excel and Go Global.


Tech-Driven Empowerment

Empower MSMEs & Startups Globally by providing unique insights into leveraging technology for good, innovation for impact, increased efficiencies, enhanced productivity, and alignment with UN-SDG Goals.

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Global Business Recognition

Recognize and Appreciate impact-driven MSMEs & Startups for their contributions to the global business landscape.

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Global Networking Initiatives

Promote Collaboration and Networking between MSMEs & Startups, Stakeholders, and Global Technology partners.


Leveraging Technology for Global Growth: Exploring how MSMEs & Startups globally have harnessed emerging technology for progress.

Recognition of Innovation: Showcasing innovative solutions that have propelled MSMEs & Startups forward.

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Key Aspects

Focus Sectors
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Empowering MSMEs & Startups to become key players in the global market.

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MSME Sector

Catalyzing growth through technology adoption and purpose-driven strategies.

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Strengthening Government initiatives for MSME support, funding, and global collaboration.

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Showcasing India as a hub for innovation, technology adoption, and sustainable business practices.

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Geopolitical Relations

Contributing to positive geopolitical relations through international collaboration.