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GlobalSpin Trade Conclave 2022 - Bengaluru

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The Day 1 of GlobalSpin Trade Conclave held from March 21-22, 2022 in Bengaluru and was jointly organized by National Institute For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NI-MSME) and IAMKHAADDI FOUNDATION (IAMKHADI) and co-organized by NIFT Foundation for Design & Innovation and supported by World Trade Center (WTC), Shamshabad and Vishkapatnam in which Zimbabwe partnered along with other African countries with the focus of bringing technology and textiles fashion together in a single platform

The event was inaugurated on 1st Day by Hon’ble Chief Guest Mr N .Nagaraju, Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration small scale industries and Public sector Industries, Government of Karnataka who spoke about Karnataka being the Hub of Textiles specially Mysore Silk.


Mr. Bhaskar Kalra, Under Secretary, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India shared with the audience the various schemes of Government of India and requesting the audience to start integrated their thoughts and activities in line with the thinking of Government of India.

Mr. Rajit R. Okhandiar (IFS), CEO, Central Silk Broad talked about the need of Technology and Research commercialization in the Fashion and Textiles space. He added that the Handloom & Silk Mark are the new luxuries and India can lead the world after the inauguration session the use of technology in Textiles and Fashion Space.

Panel discussion on Technology Interventions in Textiles was moderated by Dr. Ajit Nigam, CEO, NIFT foundation for Design & Innovation, where the panel felt that future technology Is like artificial intelligence, Block Chain and Internet of Things (IOT) can be instrumental is not only enhancing the income of the producer and generating new approaches in the domain. Participants were from

GM, Small Industries Development Bank of India, Bengaluru; Founder, FANPLAYIOT; Co-Founder, KOSHA; Founder & CEO, STYLUMIA

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The next Panel Discussion “Customer Oriented Designs and Product Development” where Mr. Prasad Bidapa, Fashion Stylist and Choreographer presented strong views on making Handlooms has a Global Luxuries product Founder & CEO, WAKAW (Digital Fashion) held an alternative view the METAVERSE of tomorrow would have digital fashion having prominence there by making a distinct fashion. The FANPLAYIOT also launched his smart Jersey at the event. The Need of Capacity Building was highlighted in the next panel where the export readiness and Trade competitiveness was discussed and was given inference by delegates from Mauritius & IIM consulting Organization.

Dr. Rumbidzayi Masina, Professor, University of Zimbabwe Textile Department (Zimbabwe) talked about various aspects of Customer Oriented Designs & Product Development.

Mr. Siven Selloyee, CEO – Founder and Director General, SILOY Trading Co. Ltd. and Naweed Mickael Bhugaloo from country Mauritius talked about the opportunities of Indian Fashion Industry and Garment Manufactures to setup their factories in Mauritius. From April 1, several Indian products will enjoy the benefit of greater market access at concessional duties in Mauritius, as the FTA signed between the two countries will come into effect.

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The Bengaluru startups promoted includes FANPLAYIOT (Smart Textile), WAKAW (Digital Fashion) and BAMBOLOGY (Sustainable Fabric).

The vote of thanks proposed by Dr. K Visweswara Reddy, Faculty Member & Rector, National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Ni-MSME)

Foreign Delegation from University of Zimbabwe.

Through this GlobalSpin Trade Conclave, the Organizers and Co-Organizers wanted to start an engagement with all the stakeholders of Textile Value Chain to initiate a unique project UDAAN, which is towards creating millions of micro entrepreneur in the India i.e., it will create jobs and generate more foreign exchange for India thus enhancing exports. It aims to create an enabling environment for enhancing skill development and entrepreneurship for the flow of trade, commerce, and technology and engage, enable and empower micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups to gain a better understanding of the challenges to global trade and export competitiveness. It focuses to towards ODOP and Aspirational Districts creating millions of micro entrepreneurs. GlobalSpin is an initiative of IAMKHADI (

GlobalSpin Startup Awards nomination has been open and the award ceremony is planned to hold during August-September 2022. The Textile industry prides itself on providing one of the three basic needs to mankind. But our world of textiles and fashion can sometimes feel petty de-humanizing. It’s easy to forget that every garment or fabrics we wear and use are the result of hard work and struggle by real people. That’s why we put together awards to offer a window into the lives and work of those real people. It will be followed by Globalspin Fashion Show and Exhibition.


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