Empowering MSMEs and Startups Unleashing Innovation and Tech Based Solutions for Viksit Bharat



GLOBALSPIN is responsible for leading the international engagements and export developments and promotions for MSMEs & Start-ups. Part of role is to develop the international network of trade, alliance and promote cross-countries Innovation and Technology in Textiles and Fashion sector. We believe that trade is about people, relationships and respect, and that GLOBALSPIN is the gateway to global economies and communities and was founded with the mission to create more jobs and make the world a better place.

The name of the initiative GLOBALSPIN drives its name from GLOBAL methodologies that aim to deliver the necessary SPIN for any Innovation/Technology to excel and Go Global.

The GLOBALSPIN lays emphasis on the following segments of Fashion and Textile industry like Handlooms, Handicrafts, Khadi, Apparel and Technical Textiles in:

  • Innovation and Technology
  • Research and Development
  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Innovative Financing (Debt/Equity/Grant/CSR)
  • Market Access and Linkages
  • Export Promotion

The main objective is to create a global alliance for sustainability of MSMEs (artisans, manufacturers, designers, traders, exporters, etc.) & Startups in Fashion and Textile industry to not only have market access to an Indian consumers but also international market and help accelerating their economic development on sustainable basis.

The mission is to synchronize and synergize the interactions between various Entrepreneurship Ecosystem stakeholders, both Indian and global, with utmost importance in enabling community members to become successful entrepreneurs through structured programs, mentorship, funding, and events. Self-reliance, import substitution, and export promotion are the pivots of demand generation.

The GLOBALSPIN is conceptualized by IAMKHAADII FOUNDATION (IAMKHADI) and supported by World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) and National Institute of MSME (NI-MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India to promote globally new innovations and information technological solutions by Start-ups in Fashion and Textile industry.
NIFT Foundation for Design Innovation (NFDI), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India is a Knowledge partner to this project initiative.
Established in 1980, WASME is a statutory body dedicated to promoting MSMEs & Start-ups as a two way Global Investments and Business Hub.
Together these organizations organize International Conclaves, Exhibitions, Awards, Fashion Show and Trade Missions to create business opportunities for companies, particularly Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) & Startups in the main land and international markets from India to new emerging markets like Africa, North America, MENA, Latin America etc. to participate in trade fairs and other trade promotion activities.



TRAINING AND RESEARCH: To provide MSMEs/ Startups comprising women and youth entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of the challenges to competitiveness and growth for youth-owned e-commerce businesses by skilling on Cross-Border Trade & domestic e-Commerce for enhanced business growth and livelihood. The growing complexities in the domain of export business, the process of globalization of the markets and the consequent competitiveness require every MSME/ Startup to have a thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of International Trade and emerging new age technologies such as Web3.0, Blockchain, Metaverse, AI, IoT, AR/VR, etc.

TECHNOLOGY: New interventions by MSMEs/ Start-ups for income enhancement of micro-entrepreneurs like artisans and weavers and to address Zero Counterfeit, assured Quality Assurances, Automation, Traceability and Transparency in the textile supply chain to achieve sustainability in the Textile, Apparel and Fashion industry. 

CREDIT LINKAGES: The needs of MSMEs/ Start-ups are unique, and customized financial offerings and services would make credit facility services more accessible. Beyond VC funding, credit facilities from banks play a significant complementary role in ensuring capital adequacy for MSMEs/ Startups. 

MARKET ACCESS: Multiple stakeholders of Handlooms, Handicraft, Khadi, Apparel and Technical Textiles Industry come together to work towards globalization of the fashion & textile industry by learning and analyzing the Best Practices, New Production Techniques, Innovative Procedures, and Product Qualities to satisfy international eco-standards, considering Circularity, Sustainability and Recyclability as a key-value differentiator amongst the international Buyers and Experts.

EXPORT PROMOTION: To create business opportunities for MSMEs/ Startups (Service/ Manufacture ring Sector) and to act as a platform between Government and Industry in order to provide policy inputs, provide insight on Global Markets (existing and emerging) in terms of Opportunities, Challenges and New Innovation and Technologies for high end value addition and to develop capabilities to meet the changing demand.



ROUNDTABLE CONCLAVE: The Roundtable Conclave on Fashion and Textiles is a power packed event with Industry captains from the Handlooms, Handicrafts, Khadi, Apparel and Technical Textiles Industry as well as policy makers, corporates, industry leaders and technology enablers coming together on a single platform to throw light on the challenges ahead, uncover potential opportunities and discuss the means to achieve exponential growth.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE: An increasingly popular initiative offers a unique lab to market platform to host and showcase new research ideas and potential innovations to Fashion and Textiles industry and helps to capitalize, exchange innovative ideas and accelerate its successful development.

LEADERSHIP AWARDS: The Leadership Awards is dedicated to recognizing strong & valuable Individuals, MSME, Start-ups and Companies for their contribution and value addition in the field of Fashion and Textiles.

G20 ALLIANCE FOR MSMES & STARTUPS (GAMES20): A global network of MSMEs & Start-ups and an alliance of organizations from industrialized and developed economies that makes measurable progress towards its goal of a world where an increasing number of Startups grow businesses, create jobs, change lives and ensure future economic prosperity. A G20 alliance that, through its discussions with Governments, the Corporate, the Media, the Public and each other, champions the cause of Startups at the local, national and international level.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE & LAUNCHES: Let the world capture the magic of your revolutionary launch by kick starting your product promotions the ideal way. The GlobalSpin provides the stage to make your launch day a memorable one that puts the focus on the people and not just the product, with a diverse gathering of the industry’s most legendary creators & achievers. The industry experts will help you understand how the third generation of the Web3.0 has a formidable focus on innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It helps you turn your product launch into an elite event.

INNOVATION ZONE: The zone provides a unique and interactive showcase of the latest innovations and technologies (Products and Services) from the top startup hubs from across the India. A showcase of the latest technology products, innovative and revolutionary solutions identified to impact and changes the industry today and in the future.

The Zone provides opportunity to test the products/ services in the marketplace and create a brand visibility of MSMEs/ Startups. It helps exploring Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Franchises opportunities with global organizations by exchange of first hand information on transfer of technology, better human resource practice, improved productivity and success stories of MSMEs/ Startups.

event outcomes

Buyer Seller Meet.

Access To Government Schemes And Investments (Debt/Equity/Grant/CSR) For MSMEs And Startups.

Transference of information to domestic industry on latest global technological practices.

Knowledge dissemination to Industry on their concerns through latest research and development in technological solutions.